Harvard Square

Harvard Square is more than just a busy square with some of the best restaurants in town; it certainly does have something for everyone. You can spend your day window shopping or taking afternoon classes at Harvard University before getting dinner reservations from locals who know where all the good spots are on campus.

Harvard Square offers an evening escape to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Tourists flock in droves for the famous Harvard Yard, and you should try your best not only to be one of them. There are art museums on campus as well as natural history ones that offer quirky shopping opportunities like Black Ink or Grolier Poetry Book Shop (the oldest). For more traditional tastes, there’s Alden & and Waypoint, so it’s hard not to get full walking around here; plus, all those world-class restaurants make this such a great place after dark too.

Harvard Square is the heart of Boston and home to some world-renowned universities. This square has had an outsized impact on history, with many great minds who have studied here finding fame in their respective fields after graduating from Harvard or another school nearby, such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute Tech).

You can enjoy this historic area whether you’re looking for shopping near Charles River Park; dining at a nitrogen bookstore cafe, which serves innovative cuisine using locally sourced ingredients; grabbing coffee before continuing your day’s work around town thanks to all those office buildings that seem intent on locking down prime real estate.

The amazing streets of Harvard Square are lined with eccentric and enlivening buildings. The vibe is one that feels like it could only exist in a college town, but the area also has some very unique stores you won’t find anywhere else! There’s plenty to do while visiting this bustling centralized spot located just outside downtown Boston proper- whether your preference leans towards shopping at local boutiques or eating tasty food at great restaurants.

Harvard Square is also a great place to learn about the history of this neighborhood. There are plenty of plaques and reading material, both inside Harvard Book Store (which has an extensive selection) or around the square itself, which can help you answer many questions.

Situated at 18 Brattle St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138, United States, Harvard Square has long been a popular destination for tourists looking to take photos in front of all those famous colleges. But in case you want the best view possible, avoid those masses and find your own spot instead, perhaps even take a look at the Public Garden—you’ll be able to enjoy more than just beautiful scenery when exploring this historic area.

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