Family law

A society is called civilized and balanced if its occupants morally abide by the law of the state. These laws define certain duties and rights of the citizens for each other. To maintain balance in a society, family laws are formed to provide legal assistance in the matter where issues may arise.

A family includes relationships by blood or the legal bond of marriage. To make it easier to understand family law is divided into two main categories: marriage and child care. These subsets are divided and briefly described below to help you understand them more precisely.


Various segments taken into consideration under marriage include, but are not limited to:
– Divorce
– Separation
– Spousal Support or Alimony
– Domestic Abuse


With the dissolution of marriage, financial issues will arise such as the division of assets and liabilities. In some cases, partners who choose to separate may be on civil terms and will agree on how assets and liabilities should be divided. Unfortunately for most, that is not the case. A family law lawyer will be the best option to assist in mediating the division of property and providing an amicable solution for all parties involved.

Today, parties can separate through an uncontested divorce or no-fault divorce. In this instance, neither party holds the other accountable for the breakdown of the relationship. However, in certain circumstances, the issues of abuse and addiction could arise. If you have been the victim of abuse, or your spouse is an addict, contact legal counsel to protect your mind, body, and legal rights. As this is a very trying time, you may not be thinking rationally. Allow clearer heads to prevail with an experienced divorce attorney representing and protecting your rights.

Child Care

Various portions taken into consideration under child care include, but are not limited to:

– Custody and Visitation
– Child Support
– Adoption
– Paternity

Not only is this a trying time for couples dissolving their union, but it also takes its toll on the minors that are involved.

Child custody:

Determining the custody of children is one of the most sensitive issues under family law. The relationship between spouses can end up in divorce, but the affection for their children should not be divided similarly. The situation can worsen with distress and negative emotions between all family members unless an agreement is reached regarding the custody of the children. If such an agreement is not possible, the state laws of the family will help in delivering a practical and sensible solution to this problem. Therefore, it can be of the utmost importance to hire a MA child custody lawyer.


If paternity is questioned during the separation, the legal fathers’ attorney may subpoena potential fathers and have them offer sworn statements regarding the events leading up to the conception of the child. DNA testing will be utilized to determine legal paternity. Hospital records and the certificate of birth are not proof of paternity in the eyes of the court.

The above are just a few areas of family law that will be addressed when you contact Parousis Law regarding legal matters.