Charles River Esplanade

Charles River Esplanade, situated at Charles River Esplanade, Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, United States, is a great place to take in the city from the riverside. If you’re exploring Boston for your day, go down through Back Bay first and loop back up again along the esplanade or head over Harvard Bridge into Cambridge (Ironically ending at M.I.T.).

The Charles River Esplanade is a narrow paradise along both sides of the river, stretching for three miles from Boston University Bridge to Longfellow Bridge. This land has been designated as a historic landmark and includes scenic views with walking paths perfect for relishing nature in its purest form while also providing entertainment through different activities such as boat tours or watching artists at work behind their easels painting masterpieces right there before your eyes.

Charles River Esplanade is a scenic riverside park that provides a tranquil retreat for those who live in or visit Boston. The 1,500 trees lining the banks of this waterway provide ample shade while also showing off their fall colors at one time each year when they turn vibrant reds and oranges during autumn’s sunset hour – creating quite possibly one if not the most beautiful views you’ll ever see.

This is an amazing and great place for people of all ages to come and enjoy free activities. So what should be on your must-see or do list? The Hatch Shell has been home base when it comes down to fun times, whether you’re taking part in Zumba classes or simply looking around at how other cultures celebrate their holidays. And is even close to the Arnold arboretum of Harvard University.

As you take in the view from Charles River Esplanade, be sure to include one of Boston’s most popular attractions: the Community Boathouse. This historic site was home to America’s first public boating program and now offers rentals for every skill level! On a nice day (or if it rains), head downriver towards Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, where kayakers can explore narrow channels before floating back over landless adventurous people are welcome as well, so they don’t get too bored with their sandwich lunch waiting by the boat dock.

Also, Charles River Esplanade is a popular place to take in the scenic Boston skyline and enjoy some time outdoors. It’s divided from Back Bay by harrowing Storrow Drive, but luckily there are eight pedestrian footbridges that span over it.

Be aware, though- not all of these bridges will work for wheelchairs because only one has been made wheelchair accessible: The Arthur Fiedler Bridge at Arlington Street.; however, you can use any other bridge as long as its handicap accessibility features haven’t been compromised like lack or steep slopes.

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