Jamaica Plain

The diverse Jamaica Plain, Boston neighborhood is a perfect place to call home. There are plenty of green spaces and cozy areas that offer the feeling you’ve entered some sort of hidden oasis in a bustling but delicate city life- all while being steps away from downtown amenities like shopping centers or public transportation hubs.

With its rich history, family-owned restaurants and shops along Centre Street, Jamaica Plain is a destination for locals. The area has been home to many Harvard University graduates who are now flooding into this downtown Boston neighborhood with their children as well!

A perfect weekend activity would be strolling through the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University on foot or biking alongside beautiful scenic roads such as ponds that dot our landscape – like those found at JP Pond Park (a large recreational space).

There are so many delicious restaurants in Jamaica Plain. For the best of both worlds, try an Ethiopian dinner at Blue Nile Restaurant before taking off for a sweet treat with your friends somewhere else! If you’re looking to enjoy some good old-fashioned Cuban cuisine, then head down El Oriental de Cuba right away – their sandwiches will be sure to satisfy any appetite (and they come delivered fresh).

The Jamaica Plain neighborhood is a hidden gem within Boston’s city limits. The locals refer to it as “J-P,” and there, you’ll find plenty of green space for walks or runs, along with ponds where visitors can kayak while listening in on bird calls.

And if that weren’t enough reason alone to explore this neighborhood? You’re also close enough proximity to Harvard University (just an easy bike ride away), which balances its natural beauty with charming residential areas perfect for living life at its fullest potential – both academically and socially.

Jamaica Plain is a great spot for those who want to live in the city or near South Boston, but not have it feel too far away. The neighborhood has plenty of restaurants with varying menus and flavors, all within walking distance from each other or on easy access public transportation lines.

This is a diverse and vibrant community that has been home to many people since it was founded. The Emerald Necklace, which surrounds this neighborhood as a necklace does with its beautiful greenery, makes for some of the best strolls you can have in Boston.

Here come by any time during your visit if there’s anything happening: local music festivals or spring fairs are just two events on offer here.

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