Beacon Hill

The old brick apartment buildings of Beacon Hill will transport you back in time. A walk through their narrow streets is not just a great workout but also gives insight into how people lived during this era with charming row homes that have been preserved for posterity.

The residents of this charming neighborhood have a knack for maintaining adorable gardens and enchanting holiday decorations at different times throughout the year. It is continually worth taking some time out to wander through their lovely homes, as you will never be disappointed with what awaits your eyes. 

The Massachusetts State House sits proudly atop Beacon Hill – replacing the old building that stood there since 1795.

The Beacon Hill neighborhood is home to some of the most historical landmarks in all Massachusetts, including a portion that has been designated as an African American National Historic Site. 

The area gets its name from one old beacon which once stood high on this hill, warning locals about invasions, and now it’s no surprise why there are restrictions against development here so you can still enjoy living among those who have made history.

Beacon Hill is a traditional part of town where you can find the most adorable, older-fashioned homes. With winding streets and breathtaking views from on top of these beautiful structures, it’s easy for residents to feel like they’re living in their own little world.

The architecture here has such great style; not only does each building have its own unique features, but there are also plenty of green spaces nearby, so people don’t need to worry about being too hot during summertime or cold through the winter months.

From the moment you walk onto Beacon Hill, it is clear that this neighborhood has been loved for generations. The iconic location of State House and Boston Common are just steps away from your doorstep, not to mention the beautiful Allston area, and as well as many other year-round activities like festivals or public gatherings, which make up what locals refer to as “The Public Garden.”

The views of Boston are simply breathtaking. From the State House and Common in front to public gardens, you can enjoy all that this city has to offer on any given day or evening.

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The best way to explore Boston’s Beacon Hill is on foot. The neighborhood has been named one of America’s most beautiful suburbs, and it isn’t hard for good reason. You’ll find picture-perfect views with this walk along Acorn Street–a world-renowned spot that can be seen in many photos from around town (and even outside!). Antique shopping at Charles Street will provide hours’ worth of entertainment as well.

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