The Allston neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, is a great place to live with a population of 35,318. This area has many amenities, including public transportation and schools that are above average for this type of cityscape.

Living in Allston offers residents a unique urban feel, and most people rent their homes. There are many bars, restaurants, coffee shops as well as parks to enjoy within walking distance from where you’ll be living next. The neighborhood has an excellent public school system which means your kids can grow up safe while enjoying all these amenities at minimal cost (with monthly fees covered by taxes). And with so much going on around town -including great art galleries-it won’t lack cultural stimulation either.

The Boston neighborhood of Allston has a vibrant nightlife and lots to offer students. It’s full of bars, restaurants as well as parks that draw young professionals from around the city.

Allston is a hip neighborhood with plenty of entertainment options for all ages. One favorite spot has to be the Silhouette Lounge, also known as “the Sil.” A few blocks away from there are Lower Alston’s sports bars, where you can see college students cheering on their teams.

Allston has a long history of being an attractive neighborhood for college students. September 1st is known as “Allston Christmas,” when these moving out-of-state residents leave behind so much discarded furniture and clothing in preparation to start their new lives at Boston University or Harvard Law School; however, they are not aware that many people will be looking forward to picking up some great finds from Allston’s streets.

This Boston neighborhood is known for its concentration of music venues, cafes, and thrift shops. It’s also home to many international residents who commute into the city each day while undergrads at nearby universities fill up this area with students looking to party all night long.

Allston is a great place to live because it’s close enough for students who need access to campus and has lower rents than other neighborhoods in Boston. All of these amenities make living there very livable, too.

The Allston neighborhood has a reputation as an area where students from nearby colleges and universities live. But in recent years, many immigrants have moved into Allston because of its closeness to downtown Boston; it’s now also known for being close-knit with young professionals who work there too.

The area of Allston is a great place to live if you’re into college life in Boston. It has everything from party houses and bars that never stop playing music all the way down through cozy coffee shops with amazing chimney stacks- perfect for wintertime coffees. But if you are looking for something else, be sure to check out South End.

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